Saturday, January 20, 2007

Books, Boys, Buzz...

Just wanted to send out a reminder that I contribute every Saturday to Books, Boys, Buzz...

Representing seven different publishing houses, the Buzz Girls all have books coming out in 2007 or 2008. Our seventh and final publishing deal was inked last week by Dona Sarkar-Mishra, my YA critique partner, and most recently, my Golden Heart Awards date.

Dona was the one who grabbed my hands and shouted, "Dude! It's you. It's you!" when I was sitting there in shock after hearing my name called as the Golden Heart Winner for the YA category. If Dona hadn't been there, I don't know what I would have done.

Actually, I do. I'd still be sitting there in Atlanta shocked at my win.

God bless Dona for her speech writing and for her critique work on my novel Never Cry Werewolf.

Most of all, congrats to her on her sale to Harlequin Kimani-Tru! She is a fabulous writer, a gorgeous woman, and an amazing friend. Her blog is located at but her regular day is Sunday on the Buzz Blog.

Love you, Dona!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Rose for Heather

Here I am with my beautiful friend and mentor Pat White She and I received our chapter "sale" roses at the Seattle RWA holiday party last week. If you notice, I have one rose for NEVER CRY WEREWOLF. Pat has a handful for her recent sales to Harlequin Intrigue. I am so proud of her!

I also can't say enough about the wonderful writers in my Seattle chapter. It's been an up and down year in my life, but my writing friends were there for every part of it. Without them, it would have taken far longer to reach my goal of publication, and it wouldn't have been as fun! Kudos to all of you out there in the Emerald City dreaming up your stories and making magic happen with your dedication and enthusiasm.

I am proof that if you work hard enough, keep reaching toward your goal, and never give up in the face of rejection, you can make it happen. This isn't to say I've acheived every goal on my list, but I know someday my former students will be able to check out my book from the library and say, "Hey, I knew her! Look at what she did. Maybe I can go for my dream too."

Never give up your dreams -- make them into goals.

Love and Light,


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thought for the Year...?

So, this morning I had brunch in a great little place near my home. The kind of place you can order a Bloody Mary and rock out to classics on the junkbox in the adjoining bar. The kind of place that serves crispy waffles drowning in butter and syrup and pretty good biscuits and gravy for a city diner.

Ironically, it was in that same place that my last major relationship began.

For a long time, I thought I'd have to make out in the bathroom hallway with a boy to banish the ghosts of romance past, but I've had good luck three out of three times and made it through meals without a single tear or sniffle, even.

The amazing thing was this morning my gaze lit on a local newsletter near the counter. There in black ink on recycled brown paper was something I've believed for my whole life, but especially this year. It said:

"People of poor character tend to blame their choices on circumstances. Ethical people make good choices regardless of circumstances. If they make enough good choices, they begin to create better conditions for themselves." -- John C. Maxwell

Hello? Isn't that what I've been living all summer? You can't blame your unhappy life on the people and conditions around you. You're still you no matter what the circumstances! You have to keep doing the right thing and eventually your circumstances will change.

I love that little diner. Ghosts or no ghosts, I'm going to keep going back. If not for the awesome hashbrowns, then for the little winks from the universe.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Everyone in the blogosphere is writing about what they're thankful for today...

My list is rather short:

1) Friends and family. I'm so thankful for the people who have stood by me through some of the roughest -- and alternately, most fabulous -- patches of my life. You never know how many people will lend you an umbrella until you're standing in a freaking downpour.

2) Passion. I couldn't do what I do without a huge measure of passion. Passion makes the work new everyday and every page a challenge worth taking on. Passion is what has propelled me toward some semblance of success and has helped me ignore the people who told me to, "just get a job at the dam." Uh... so glad I didn't take your stupid advice!

3) Love. Even in the midst of losing one love, you find that love is all around you. Love for yourself, love for your work, love for your friends, family, and life. And maybe that's what has sustained you all along...

4) Words. I still get goosebumps reading new words. I love looking things up in the dictionary. I love writing and reading words. I can thank my father for that one.

Happy Thanks -- giving day. I hope you have much to be thankful for and that you take the time to appreciate it all. :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Books, Boys, Buzz...

Today is my day to blog over at Books, Boys, Buzz...

See you over there!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

How Much Promotion Do You Need?

I've been thinking alot about doing the whole Myspace thing. Wouldn't that be cool to link up with other authors and readers? I've heard good and bad about the Myspace site -- what do you guys think?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesdays Were Made for Dancing!

My uber-fabulous sister and I hit the Secret Machine's show at the Showbox last night, in the company of a great new friend from NYC. We had an amazing time, which I really needed. I'd been in a bit of a melancholy funk for the last few days -- and it was time to shake that loose.

I liked the music, which made me want to dance, even when a Yanni-ish looking dude said in passing, "That's too much dancing in a public place." Um. Say what? Is it somehow not okay to groove to the music at a concert? Or was it some kind of a ridiculous pick-up line. I tried not to care too much, and I kept dancing to spite the Yanni dude.

In the end, my sis decided that the music was too heavy for her -- so we headed home. But the effect of dancing, listening to good beat-driven music, and acting aloof toward Yanni look-alikes was long lasting. Life is way too short to let things get you down.

Things won't always be perfect. Things won't always go the way you want. But good friends and good music can help you through.

I have a lot of writing to get done today. Luckily, I'm working on a project that is making me laugh and smile. That's always a good sign for a humourous paranormal YA writer, right?

Have fun today in whatever you do!